User Experience Research

User experience (UX) is centered around finding a deep understanding of users, their needs, values, their abilities, and finally their limitations. It is important for every User Experience (UX) Design project to assess the goals of the business and outcomes that which the personnel involved are achieved. 

The aims of UX practices are to analyse the ways in which user interaction can be improved for an existing or new product such as an SaaS application, software system, Web or mobile app. With Introvate’s experience in UX consulting, you can be assured that your product will undergo a comprehensive UX research process with proven results.

The Various Aspects of UX Development

User Interface (UI) Design

UI design focuses on the intentions of users, seamlessly navigating UI and how this can be acheived.

User (UX) Research

UX research is centered around investigating characteristics of users that may use a particular product.

User Journey Mapping

A user journey map is a visual that allows a business to understand the processes of a product from a user’s perspective.

Usability Evaluation

Usability evaluation refers to the investigation of how users can solve their problems through processes.

Requirements Gathering

Requirements gathering involves the input of involved personnel to understand the needs of a new system.

Functional Analysis

Functional analysis focuses on the evaluation of UX processes in compliance with business strategy.

Visualisation Techniques

Involves process models, data models, UML diagrams, flowcharts, SWOT, use cases, personas, user stories etc.

Design Thinking

Design thinking focuses on user-centric empathy to better understand problems that lead to solutions.

And Much More...

UX is a very diverse area that involves various techniques of understanding customers. This list is not exclusive.

Why is UX Important?

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