Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is centered around the commercial integration of digital technology along with necessary changes in technical business processes within diverse areas of a business. Digital transformation is fundamental to changing the technical operations of a business to ensure enhanced work productivity, organisation, cross-platform integration and overall value to how you deal with customers. 

Digital transformation is especially necessary for companies that use outmoded and traditional approaches to managing a business and without it, a business could be left behind its competitors.

Areas of Transforamtion
Let us help you transform, so you don't get left behind your competitors

Depending on the goals of your company, digital transformation can cover a variety of areas. With our capabilities, we can help you achieve the transformation and digitization that all business must now consider in the information age.

Developing a strategy and uncovering the desired outcomes of the transformation.

Assessing the current business processes and managing those that will undergo change during digital transformation.

Business Mobile

VoIP Communication

Operating Systems

Computer Hardware

WiFi Networking

Cloud Services

Data Storage

SaaS Applications

PaaS, DBaaS & IaaS

Helping employees with the transition to new IT requirements.

Workforce enhancement through skill development and certification.

Considering the customer experience and journey amidst the transformation.

Outsourcing possibilities.

Consulting the importance of hiring for technical roles including software engineers, web developers, IT support etc.

Advice on Established Technological Frameworks.

Implementation of Methodologies such as Agile & Waterfall.

Consulting on In-Demand Skills Required for Workers.

New Roles and Positions That Undertake Digital Processes and Management.

Payroll & Accounting

Team Collaboration





Cloud Documentation


Data Protection


WiFi Devices

Considering Portability


Introvate can also consult and intertwine other services depending on client requirements such as business analysis, change, UX research, web design, branding and digital marketing.

The Introvate Process of Digital Transformation


The initial meeting will allow us to understand your needs, your business, requirements of transformation, how we can solve this and your budget.


Here we will develop a proposal stemming from our discussion to ensure we fit well into your budget and you get the valued service we provide.


Our team can get to work with thorough analysis of people and processes involved in the transformation, speaking to stakeholders, receiving feedback/insight and evaluating current systems.

Transformation Design

After a comprehensive investigation phase, we will present a business case to follow through implementation.

Agile Implementation

Introvate will guide you and your business through the transformation and digitization.


Introvate's final cementation stage to digital transformation focuses on training workers in the newly implemented technologies and ensuring the transition is smooth and successful.

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