Change Management

Change management uses a business analysis approach and can often be used interchangeably. Whilst change management incorporates BA principles, it specifically focuses on transformation and major change, yet BA is much broader and can be used for new implementations of processes, systems, software and the like.

With Introvate’s change management consulting service, we aim to provide motivation and enthusiasm to embrace the necessary alterations needed for your company to reach its goals. When done effectively, it engages people in the change, highlighting both personal and organisational benefits. It also acknowledges the inevitable disruption and confusion that can occur during the period of transition.

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A Need for Change

We Consider Your End Goal

What do you want to achieve from it? Is it an underlying problem? Are you merely looking to expand an existing software, product or process?

We Consider Who Is Involved

Our process ensures that all those involved in business change and transformation is smooth and feedbacked.

We Consider Your Financial Needs

Introvate is committed to establishing change within a negotiable budget and your current accounting situation.

Methods of Change Management

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Waterfall is a common methodology adopted by diverse sectors. It sees the management of a project in a firm and linear fashion where flexibility is less emphasised.

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Agile is a project management methodology that involves flexibility throughout change allowing the space for your project to transform whilst receiving continuous feedback.

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The Hybrid project management model mixes both Waterfall and Agile approaches. At the point of design, the iterative Agile cycle begins through implementation until the project is signed off.

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