Business Analysis

Business analysis is the practice of analysing a business situation, identifying problems and finding solutions to those problems. In the context of IT, business analysis can be considered broad with various derivations such as digital transformation, UX research, user interface (UI) design, brand development, project management and change management. 

The analysis of business processes is one of the most important parts of business analysis and Introvate are skilled in providing a thorough, bespoke approach to process management within the context of technology.

Our Capabilities

We adopt a range of methodologies, frameworks and principles depending on the needs, scope and goals of your business.

Enterprise Modelling

Requirements Engineering

SQuaRE Standard Analysis

PESTLE & SWOT Analysis

UML Process Modelling

Business Model Canvas

Business Architecture


Waterfall Methodology

Lean Business Development

Innovation & Ideation

BPMN 2.0 Process Design

Business Case Development

Strategic Planning

Procurement Planning

Benefits of Business Analysis

Enabling Growth

With analysis, you find what works in your business and what doesn't. This will enable you to discover changes to processes to allow business growth.


One of the primary concerns of the business analyst is to reduce costs in the clients project. Introvate will take strong consideration into budgeting required change.

Systematic Change

Agile, Waterfall or Hybrid? Either way, the methodologies used in business analysis with Introvate are established and have a reputation of success in a variety of projects in diverse sectors.

Related Services

We provide services that may derive or involved business analysis depending on your business goals and requirements.

Digital Transformation

Valuable companies can get left behind and this is why our digital transformation consulting service will ensure your business is modern, digital and IT-ready.

Brand Development

A business without a personality will fail to attract its target market. Our branding consulting will guide you through the development of an attractive persona, plan and vision.​

Change Management

Like transformation, businesses need to undergo change to continue to compete. With experience in change management, we can help you plan and implement that change.

User Experience

User's determine whether a software solves their problems and an understanding of the user journey is vital. Introvate are ready to take your customer's UX to the next level.

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