The Introvate Founders

Managing Director & Consultant

Daniel Hill

Daniel is the Chief Executive Officer at Introvate where he leads the strategy, technology and operations of the company. He undertook his BSc at the University of South Wales before embarking on an MSc in IT Management at Cardiff University. Since a younger age, Daniel has always displayed an entrepreneurial spirit which has motivated him to gain various skills and to develop experience in the world of business technology coinciding with a 10 year freelance career. Daniel is a visionary who likes to deeply delve into the world of design, research and management. His specialisms include business analysis, project management, process modelling, front-end development, UX design, training and mentoring.

Co-Director & Consultant

Christopher Hill

With his tremendous experience in software engineering and development, Christopher partnered with Daniel to form Introvate and primarily works on web development projects in addition to consulting services. Christopher has studied Computer Science at Cardiff Met and Cardiff University whilst working with clients on software projects that required web development and UI design. His expertise emphasises web development, programming and user interface (UI) design.

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